I believe it’s important to support the Second Amendment while fully recognizing that the proliferation of guns in America causes significant concerns. I believe this right must be accompanied by citizens willing to accept the responsibility that comes along with it. I am aware of the significant restraints placed on local officials to act in meaningful ways to address gun violence and the ease of access but that does not mean we are prohibited from taking actions that can improve the safety of our children and society as a whole.

-What we can do locally, is sponsor broad education programs to educate citizens on the proper ways to store and handle weapons, especially in the home where the greatest risk to children takes place. We have to find ways to work within the community to incentivize gun locks and safes, proper storage in the home and on the person.

-We can provide education for gun owners and non-owners alike to better understand the risks and responsibilities of all citizens to make our homes and communities safer.

-We can better utilize and deploy mental health and social work resources to be more proactive in identifying behaviors of individuals and intervening before violence occurs. Knowing who to contact and taking the concerns of citizens seriously is paramount to mitigating potential violence. We have to connect the vast array of resources among our schools, law enforcement, healthcare facilities and youth programs to make sure problems are not overlooked.

-Lexington can provide gun and weapon amnesty programs to help individuals and families safely remove them from homes where they are no longer wanted.

-We will work diligently with our schools and other public entities to make sure the most up to date and effective means of securing and eliminating potential threats are implemented.

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